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Posture Reset

Posture Reset

Poor posture is the cause of over 50% of our clients pain when they come for a massage.

It's caused by so many different things such as;

* Sitting at a desk/computer all day

* Lots of driving

* Carrying children

* An imbalance in your feet, causing problems for your knees, hips and shoulders

It's important that we regularly 'check in' with our body and do what we can to release the tension as it's building up.

This super easy exercise does just that! Get access now to feel the benefits yourself :)

4 Modules

Reset Exercise

This is such an easy and effective exercise for resetting your posture.

Neck Stretches

These stretches help to release tension and stop it building up in your neck and shoulders.

Neck & Shoulder Massage Techniques

This is a video tutorial to guide you in some at home massage techniques for your neck and shoulders...

Shoulder Stretch

We just loving giving you more :)

Here is a bonus video tutorial to guide you through a beautiful shoulder stretch, to further ease tension in this area...

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